Jack Kidd

Jack Kidd started his apprenticeship in 2012 at Valley Mall Tattoo and began learning under the guidance of Jarred Ash and Rick Nash. His determination to avoid succumbing to the expected 9 to 5 daily grind of the tech industry motivated him to push his artistic skills to the next level. Originally, his artistic interests were with bold and colourful tattoos. As his creativity developed Jack diversified into a broad range of styles which he has crafted together to form the body of work he is known for today. Jack’s style is progressing towards a psychedelic approach to art which is shown in his detailed, fluid, and organic pieces. 

Since beginning tattooing, Jack has put all of his energy into creating art across multiple mediums, specifically painting which he takes on commissioned projects for. He’s attended both the Australian Tattoo Expo in Sydney and the Ink Attack Convention in Queensland. Jack’s goals for the future are to travel and tattoo internationally and ultimately open an art gallery. 

Jack may be the wisest person we know and we can more or less guarantee you’ll leave your appointment with him far aware of the world than you were before.

You can find Jack on Instagram and throughout the Shinko Tattoo Instagram and Facebook pages. 

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