Corum Bryant

Corum Bryant began his tattooing career in 2011 at the age of 20. He decided to pursue a career in tattooing after watching an episode of Miami Ink, but soon realised this is nothing like Miami Ink. He worked in several busy street shops alongside a number of renowned artists before finding his home at Shinko Tattoo in Brisbane. This diverse background afforded him the freedom to experiment with a number of different styles of tattooing from custom script to neo realism before finding his niche in the industry. 

Corum’s career goal is to travel internationally to attend conventions and connect with key people in the industry and grow as an artist. He believes in opening peoples minds to the infinite tattoo motifs that would otherwise go unseen and is passionate about creating the a well thought out design for his clients. Corum believes meaning is not essential for a tattoo and he encourages clients to research the rich history of different tattoo motifs in which they can assign meaning to. 

You can find Corum on Instagram and throughout the Shinko Tattoo Instagram and Facebook pages. 

For booking information and enquiries, please use this contact form or you can email Corum at shinkotattoo@gmail.com, give us a call on (07) 3263 6574 or pop into the shop to discuss your ideas.